Beautifully designed puffed and cotton soft pillow to provide your little baby a soft and comfortable sleep. Small children need proper support on their head and neck when they sleep so as to avoid conditions like flattening of the head. The extra support will also help your baby in developing correct and comfortable postures. The pillow has been designed thoughtfully so that it can be used anywhere from a car seat to the baby’s bed. You can use this pillow to keep your darling’s head from slumping and falling flat when you have seated your bundle of joy in a stroller or high chair. Rather than just providing support this pillow is also ergonomically designed to make sure that the baby’s neck is not strained. It provides the much-needed support to your baby’s neck and prevents it from slumping and flopping. This neck supporter for babies also helps in absorbing sweat and keeping your baby dry.

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 5 × 21 cm


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